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For my Racist and my White Supremacist Friends: Knot Tying

It’s always interesting to watch my friends and acquaintances who are racist and/or White supremacists (and I do have friends who are one or both), try to discuss the disproportionate rates of crime, poverty, and education amongst Black Americans, without resorting to racist and White supremacist notions of Blackness. They will tie themselves in knots trying to explain, for example, why the rate of Black incarceration has skyrocketed since 1970, while the rate of White incarceration has stayed about the same, without declaring that there is something inherently wrong with Black people that makes them criminals. Or more makes them susceptible to criminal enterprise. Or more likely to be caught. Or more likely to commit crimes police are looking for. You know… the idea that Black people are just more violent and dangerous. And that it’s their skin color that makes them that way. Except… but… it’s social, and not genetic. Even though these level of incarceration and crime only happen amongst Black people.  And racism doesn’t actually exist.

The painful result of a fallacious circular argument about race and racism

The painful result of a fallacious circular argument about race and racism

Ouch.  I’m here for y’all, though. I don’t get tired of explaining things over and over again, because it’s what I do by choice and by profession. When you’re ready to understand what systemic and systematic racism are, I got you.  I’ll help you out.

Special shoutout to those of you who think I’m only talking about White people.  I got y’all too.

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Dr. Dolberry is an educational consultant, college professor, wrestling coach, and former professional B-boy. (Okay, that last part may only be true in his own head). His expertise is in curriculum instruction and teacher training, and he specializes in STEAM (not just STEM) education. When Maurice is not consulting, professoring, or coaching, he can be found in front of a TV, cheering fanatically for all things Michigan and Detroit. And sometimes Florida.


  1. Dr. “D” Youuuuu are the BEST!!!! You taught me a-lot. You keep being that man you are keep doing the damn thang. I am always your cheerleader!!!! Thanks for everything. I hope to see you on campus at Highline…

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