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#HomelessAtHoward: The Harsh Truths behind the Con

The hashtag #HomelessAtHoward started a national debate amongst a lot of folks.  At the center were allegations made by a student at Howard University – my alma mater – that he had been unfairly evicted from his on-campus housing.  It has become a complex story with many facets and plot twists.

In this clip, Coach Be Moore moderates while Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and I debate the many issues within and surrounding this controversy.  As it usually happens when Rhadi and I get to arguing, the results are highly entertaining…

The Debate: #HomelessAtHoward and the Harsh Truths behind the Con


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Dr. Dolberry is an educational consultant, college professor, wrestling coach, and former professional B-boy. (Okay, that last part may only be true in his own head). His expertise is in curriculum instruction and teacher training, and he specializes in STEAM (not just STEM) education. When Maurice is not consulting, professoring, or coaching, he can be found in front of a TV, cheering fanatically for all things Michigan and Detroit. And sometimes Florida.

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