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How Detroit Went Broke, According to the Detroit Free Press

Detroit's mayors since 1950

         Detroit’s mayors since 1950

The Detroit Free Press posted an excellent piece on why Detroit declared bankruptcy.  It’s long as hell but well-written, well-researched, and as much as anyone can, tells in simple terms what is a complex set of issues.  No one person or entity is wholly exonerated or held wholly responsible, but all are analyzed for their roles in helping to fight against and/or causing Detroit’s downfall. .  Some unions are taken to task – and as a pro-union guy, I’m sensitive to those things – but not unfairly so.  Ultimately, this is an excellent example of public scholarship, and the type of research I do.

(And I like how they try to end once and for all the scapegoating of Coleman Young for Detroit’s decline!)

I’m interested to know what you all think:

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